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The Truth About Hip Pain reveals a proven approach to relieving hip pain by applying the science of functional movement therapy, which enables the body to heal, instead of just masking your symptoms. 

You'll learn how to create a focused, targeted treatment plan that delivers pain relief through individualized movement therapy.

Here's what you'll discover inside this revolutionary new book by pain relief legend, Dr. Andrew Gorecki and Dr. Ben Fuson:
  •  Why right NOW is the right time for this system and “The Truth About Hip Pain” is your most important asset in achieving natural healing.  [Page 21]
  •  9 Critical Mistakes hip pain sufferers make when it comes to finding a solution (and the simple answer that solves each and every one). [Page 28]
  •  The trick to tapping into the “the body's ability to heal itself” - no need for medications, injections, or surgeries. [Page 56]
  • Understanding how the areas in the body above and below the hip are the hidden culprits. [Page 83]
  •  The incredible power of the Superior HIp Pain system – get this right and you can put an end to ineffective, wasteful treatments once and for all! [Page 75]
  •  And EASY step-by-step process for defining exactly WHAT part of your body is causing the hip to be stressed, and the IDEAL treatment to address the issue. [Page 76]
  • Why… NOW more than EVER… you MUST stop ignoring your hip pain and get some help. [Page 23]
  •  The “Three Big Rocks” – This one strategy is mind-numbingly SIMPLE but can pay off big time! [Page 151]
  •  The 10 foundational rules of hip pain that you must apply to every treatment you receive. (Ignore even a single one and you’ll find your hip struggling.) [Page 95]
  •  Plus a WHOLE LOT MORE!
This book reveals powerful, proven strategies for relieving hip pain naturally without medications, injections or surgeries.  You'll discover exactly how "The Truth About Hip Pain" can finally give you long-lasting pain relief that's natural and effective.

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Who is Dr. Andrew Gorecki?
Dr. Andrew Gorecki
Owner of Superior Physical Therapy
Author of "The Truth About Lower Back Pain" and "The Truth About Hip Pain"
Dr. Andrew Gorecki authored the best-selling book, The Truth About Lower Back Pain: The Hidden Culprits, in which he challenges back pain sufferers to dump the ineffective treatments they are receiving (that don't provide long-term relief,) and to stop wasting time, money and energy on providers who do not have the tools to help them find success. 

Now Dr. Gorecki has joined forces with Dr. Ben Fuson to release their brand new book- "The Truth About Hip Pain".  
Dr. Ben Fuson
Owner of Superior Physical Therapy
Author of "The Truth About Hip Pain"
Dr. Ben Fuson is a physical therapist, Nike Golf Performance Specialist, and Fellow of Applied Functional Science. He is the region's leading hip specialist and shares his perspective on the most effective methods available to help you avoid hip surgery and get back to normal again.  
Ben Fuson, DPT FAFS and Andrew Gorecki, DPT, FAFS are owners of Superior Physical Therapy and are revered physical therapists who help people struggling with musculoskeletal pain. Dr. Gorecki and Dr. Fuson have taught their Superior Hip Pain system to over 20 thousand people worldwide. Dr. Gorecki and Fuson continue their work at the the Truth About Hip Pain Seminars, helping people find a natural solution to hip pain.  
So why are Dr. Gorecki and Dr. Fuson so Successful?
Their methods work for ANY hip pain sufferer. 
You'll discover how and why when you read your copy of 
"The Truth About Hip Pain."
"When I first came to Superior Therapy, I could barely get out of my car without having back and hip pain. The pain and discomfort really limited my everyday activities and exercise. Within just a few sessions of working with Drew and Rachel, I noticed positive changes. Between the stretches, stability exercises, and strength training, I was back to my baseline in just a few weeks. I am so thankful for the expertise from Drew and Rachel to get back to my normal activities!"

Chelsea Holzworth

"I came to Superior Therapy because of an arthritic hip and lower back pain. After working with Megan and Taylor, I can now walk, work and play pain-free. Thanks for changing my life!! "

Brian Isham
"I really had a wonderful, positive experience at Superior Physical Therapy. Six months after a hip fracture surgery, and after having therapy at three other places, I still had groin and hip pain and heavy legs. I could not walk any distance at all. But once at Superior, the exercises were like a miracle! I instantly felt better, and my pain totally disappeared over a few weeks. The balance exercises made me much more confident, too. Now I am really walking! Many thanks!"

Carolyn Wollenhaupt

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